Exporting class data

Class data (including students workspaces) can be exported. We would recommend the data is exported before you Delete a Class

  • Select the class, go to the Admin area and then press the Export Class Data button.

Class Export

  • All the data from the class will be compiled into a zip file in the background and when ready an email will be sent to you with a link for you to download.

  • The link will be active for 7 days and after this time the zip file will be removed

  • You can also access any active files to download (and generate a new export if required) by clicking on the Export Class Data button

Class Export Links

Individual units data can also be exported separately if required. See export unit data for more details

If your class is LTI enabled you can also download all the unit LTI intergration URL’s in a csv file. See Exporting LTI settings for more information.

Working with student workspaces

If in the future you have need to review any students workspace, these can be imported back into your Codio account.
Simply ‘zip’ up the folder and you can then import the project into your account. See creating and importing a project for more information.

Please note, the stack used in the original workspace is not included in the exported workspace so if you need to 'run’ the project you should select the appropriate stack either when importing the project or by switching the stack, either from the gear icon in the main projects listing or by going to Project>Stack>Settings in the project