Billing - Individual

The user billing screen can be found on the Billing tab of your Account Settings. You can find both your subscription details and billing history here.

Account Billing

To access your individual billing area, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your name and gravatar (bottom left of screen)

  2. From the options along the top of the page, choose Billing


Some institutions may provide Codio licenses via the bookstore. Your course instructor or course syllabus will specify if this is available at your particular school.

A single license can be used for a specified timeframe - 1 semester (5 months), 2 semesters (10 months) or a year. Specific licenses options may depend on your local bookstore.

Purchasing a license

To purchase a license, you can request the following from your bookstore

1 Semester  - Codio 1-Semester Subscription - ISBN: 978-1-7331872-5-1
2 Semesters - Codio 2 Semester Subscription ISBN 978-1-73331872-8-2
Annual - Codio Annual Subscription ISBN # 978-1-7331872-1-3

Your bookstore will provide you with a sheet that contains a code that can be used to activate your subscription for the specified timeframe.

NOTE: A single subscription can be used for multiple courses using Codio during the specified timeframe.

Activating a bookstore license

To log in to Codio, please follow your instructor’s directions—it may be through your local LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle, etc) or through using a class token.

The first time you log in, there will be a small banner at the top requesting you go to “Billing”. Please click on it or navigate to it by clicking on your username in the bottom left and selecting the “Billing” tab and after selecting the
“Plan” drop down field go to the Redeem Code option box where you can then enter the code provided to you. Please note the code is case sensitive so enter it exactly as given.
If you have any problems contact us through your Codio account or email us at

Educational Discounts

We offer substantial Whole School license discounts for Schools, Colleges and Universities as well as a full 30 day trial of all the Education Features

Organizational Billing

If you have an Organization account, see the special billing screen here.