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Classroom dashboards let you monitor student progress. You can also instantly access student code. Our automated and manual grading of assessments feed data directly to your dashbaord.
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- Mateen Rizki, Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Wright State University
LMS platform support
If you want to deliver your course from Canvas, Blackboard and many other LMS platforms then configuration is easy. Our integration handles Codio account creation, single sign on and the passing back of Codio grades to the LMS gradebook.
LMS LTI settings
Class management
Class creation is simple. You can add coding assignments to your class in seconds. Adding students is straightforward using either your LMS or invitation urls, so no need to perform messy CSV file uploads.
Coding assignments
You have carefully configured a coding assignment on a Codio box with the right programming language, database and other components. You now want to get it to all 200 students. Just add the project to the class and immediately all of your students will have their own individual clone and they can start coding. And whenever you need to access their Codio box to review their work, it's a one click operation.
Add project to class
Add students
Adding students
Adding students can be done in one of two ways. If you are using an LMS platform then it will automatically add students to the class. Otherwise, each class has its own unique invitation URL that you can post anywhere. When students click on it, an account is created if they are a new user, and then they're added to the class.
The teacher dashboard gives you an instant snapshot of class progress. All auto graded assessments are shown and you can also manually grade. There are many levels of drill down, right down to seeng student results for individual assessments.
Plagiarism detection
Plagiarism detection
Codio incorporates a plagiarism detection capability that was specially developed at Princeton University to ensure the best possible results for student programming assignments after experiences with other engines were shown to be less than ideal. Detection is launched across all students with a single click. No need to painstakingly aggregate and upload code.
More features
Codio offers many other Learning Management features. Auto grading triggered automatically when a student completes a project. The amount of time spent in assignments is recorded and displayed in the teacher dashboard. Pin an assignment to the student dashboard for ease of location. Specify assignment start and stop date and time for controlled assessments. Specify larger specification servers for assignments with higher memory requirements.
Other LMS features

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