Save money
CS Departments save more than
per year
Save money
Instructors recover more than
of their time
Instructor Time
Instructors can waste hours setting up and sharing programming environments, running student code, grading and keeping their courses in sync with a general LMS.
Cut time wasted on admin and IT tasks by 20% or more
For each instructor, redirect $15,000+ worth of admin time to higher-value tasks
Instructor time
  • Configure and template programming projects and share them with the class in seconds.
  • Access and run student code from any connected device in one click.
  • Automatically keep your course and grades in sync with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and more.
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Get your Sundays back
Click on a student's project and five seconds later I can compile, run and debug without having to unzip or copy and paste it into my own environment. The time I save with this feature alone justifies the Codio platform and gives me back my Sundays.
Dr. Gordon Fraser
Senior Lecturer at Sheffield University
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Grading Costs
Grading is often hugely labor intensive, and costs most CS departments tens of thousands of dollars in instructor and GA time each year.
Save tens of thousands of dollars in grading costs each year.
Grade 50-70% faster and automate up to 90%+ of your intro CS course grading.
Grading Costs
  • Auto-grade argument-based and stdin inputs without writing a single line of test code.
  • Speed up manual grading by clicking your way through customizable rubrics.
  • Write custom code in any language to instantly assess almost any testable case.
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Convert manually graded assignments to auto-graded ones
We spend a six-figure sum each year on grading assignments. We will now convert many of our manually graded assignments into auto-graded coding assessments. We fully expect to be able to make cost saving in the tens of thousands of dollars by using Codio's auto-grading functionality.
Mateen Rizki
Chair of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Wright State University
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Student Engagement
Student Engagement
When instructors lack the time and tools needed to provide today's CS students with the learning experience they expect, student engagement and performance suffers.

Boost student satisfaction with the engaging learning experience and more 1-on-1 help.

Reduce student attrition and rescue $10,000+ in fees per semester.

Student Engagement
  • Instant access to student code makes it easy to critique solutions during labs.
  • Time-based insight into each student's programming helps them correct course before it's too late.
  • Students can access their Codio IDE, GUI outputs, coursework, and assessments in one place - from any device.
Easy Setup
Many colleges and universities want to upgrade to a cloud infrastructure and LMS made for CS programs, but the cost, both in time and money, prevents them.
Save thousands of dollars in training fees - we train faculty for free.
Start delivering courses in Codio within days of getting started.
Easy Setup
  • Faculty, IT, and leadership receive free 1-on-1 and 1-to-many training.
  • All licenses come with unlimited phone and email support.
  • Large schools are up and running in weeks.