Power your bootcamp with Codio
Courses run on Codio allow instructors more time to focus on student outcomes.
Built originally for professional developers and used extensively by web and application development teams -
Codio's platform combines real world tools with the education wrappers that make running a bootcamp simpler for instructors and students.
Real world tools
  • Flexible uncapped ubuntu servers in the cloud with full sudo privileges
  • Git integrated with Every box
  • Fully web facing
  • Always-On box options for pair and collaborative development
Configure, template and share any programming environment instantly
  • No wasted setup and configuration time
  • Libraries of pre-configured software (Python, Java, OCaml, R-Studio, etc.). Or configure your own
Instant access to compile & run student code
  • Provide students with faster feedback
  • Easily find where a student is off track
Performance dataset for every student
  • Previously inaccessible insights into student learning patterns and problem-solving behavior
Class management
  • Easy LTI integration with existing LMS tools
  • Easily organize student groups into pairs or teams
  • Fully exportable data set
  • Easy consolidated admin support for multiple campus locations
Create and enhance your curriculum by authoring inside the development environment
  • Create a better learning experience for students by bringing concepts to life in a uniquely interactive way
  • Curate and manage course materials
  • Powerful assessment, auto-grading, manual grading and code commenting tools

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